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今年度のコロキの予定(2017.4.30 更新)


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5/1 小早川 Direct dark matter search by annual modulation in XMASS-Ⅰ pdf
4/17 村上 Characterization of the proposed 4-α cluster state candidate in 16O pdf
4/10 橋本 Search for the 0-- glueball in Υ(1S) and Υ(2S) decays pdf


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3/27 市川 Hypernuclear Spectroscopy of Products from 6Li Projectiles on a Carbon Target at 2A GeV pdf
3/6 七村 7Be(n,α)4He Reaction and the Cosmological Lithium Problem: Measurement of the Cross Section in a Wide Energy Range at n_TOF at CERN pdf
2/20 藤岡 Ground-state properties of 5H from the 6He(d,3He)5H reaction pdf
2/13 金子 Precision Measurement of the Boron to Carbon Flux Ratio in Cosmic Rays from 1.9 GV to 2.6 TV with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station pdf
1/4 足利 Increased isomeric lifetime of hydrogen-like 192mOs pdf
12/26 武田 First application of the Trojan horse method with a radioactive ion beam: Study of the 18F(p,α)15O reaction at astrophysical energies pdf
12/19 高橋 Cerenkov light identification with Si low-temperature detectors with sensitivity enhanced by the Neganov-Luke effect pdf
11/28 川畑 Accelerator mass spectroscopy measurements of the 13C(n,γ)14C and 14N(n,p)14C cross sections pdf
11/21 渡邊 Measurement of matter-antimatter differences in beauty baryon decays pdf
11/7 松本 Deep exclusive π+ electroproduction off the proton at CLAS pdf
10/31 越川 Half-lives of neutron-rich 128-130Cd pdf
10/3 村上 Test of Lorentz invariance in β decay of polarized 20Na pdf
8/1 古野 First measurement of the 96Ru(p,γ)97Rh cross section for the p process with a storage ring pdf
7/25 小早川 Evidence for a Protophobic Fifth Force from 8Be Nuclear Transitions pdf
7/11 森本 41Kと45Scの中性子捕獲断面積 pdf
7/4 江川 Observation of a large β-delayed neutron emission component in 102Rb decay and identification of excited states in 102Sr pdf
6/27 金築 Effects of repulsive three-body force in 12C+12C scattering at 100A MeV pdf
6/13 野沢 229Th 原子核の時計遷移の直接測定 pdf
6/6 村田 Light particle solution to the cosmic lithium problem pdf
5/30 阪上 Measurement of the EMC effect in the deuteron pdf
5/23 新山 First measurements of timelike form factors of the hyperons, Λ0, Σ0, Σ+, Ξ0, Ξ-, and Ω-, and evidence of diquark correlations pdf
5/16 中塚 Isospin Mixing in 80Zr: From Finite to Zero Temperature pdf
4/25 永江 Identification of Nuclear Effects in Neutrino- Carbon Interactions at Low Three-Momentum Transfer pdf
4/11 水谷 重力波 pdf


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4/4 小早川 CARRACK Ⅱ pdf
3/28 金築 Evidence for survival of the α cluster structure in light nuclei through the fusion process pdf
2/29 浅野 Measurement of the charged-pion polarizability pdf
2/22 川畑 Revised thermonuclear rate of 7Be(n,α)4He relevant to Big-Bang nucleosynthesis pdf
2/15 藤岡 Candidate resonant tetraneutron state populated by the 4He(8He,8Be) reaction pdf
2/8 津村 Determination of the QEC values of the T=1/2 mirror nuclei 21Na and 29P at LEBIT pdf
1/25 古野 Disappearance of Mott oscillations in sub-barrier elastic scattering of identical heavy ions, and nuclear interaction pdf
12/28 七村 Search for neutrinoless double-beta decay of 130Te with CUORE-0 pdf
12/7 成木 Exotic hadrons in heavy ion collisions pdf
11/16 阪上 Bose-Einstein correlations in hadron-pairs from lepto-production on nuclei ranging from hydrogen to xenon pdf
11/9 森本 Measurement of the 14O(α,p)17F cross section at Ec.m.≈2.1-5.3MeV pdf
10/19 橋本 Single and double spin asymmetry for deeply virtual compton scattering pdf
10/5 永江 Pentaquark(J/ψ p resonance) in Λb→J/ψ K-p decays pdf
7/27 加藤 New result in the production and decay of an isotope, 278113, of the 113th element pdf
7/13 野沢 Proton radius puzzle pdf
7/6 江川 Measurements of 152Gd(p,γ)153Tb and 152Gd(p,n)153Tb reaction cross sections for the astrophysical γ process pdf
6/29 新山 Λ Λ Correlation Function in Au+Au Collisions at √sNN=200GeV pdf
6/22 村田 Determination of the beam-spin asymmetry of deuteron photodisintegration in the energy region Eγ=1.1-2.3GeV pdf
6/15 後神 Neutron skin of 208Pb from coherent pion photoproduction pdf
6/8 中塚 β-Decay Half-lives of 110 Neutron-Rich Nuclei across the N = 82Shell Gap: Implications for the Mechanism and Universality of the Astrophysical r-process pdf
5/25 金子 Measurement and analysis of the 243Am neutron capture cross section at the n_TOF facility at CERN pdf
5/18 村上 First measurement of the atomic electric dipole moment of 225Ra pdf
5/11 乗竹 Concept and methodology for evaluating core damage frequency considering failure correlation at multi units and sites and its application pdf
4/13 水谷 木曽イベントΞ-+14N→10ΛBe+5ΛHe pdf


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4/6 津村 Novel technique for Constraining r-Process (n,γ) Reaction Rates pdf
3/17 加藤 Observing Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays with Smartphones pdf
3/9 水谷 QGP@LHC-ALICE実験 pdf
2/23 後神 Cosmic-ray muon radiography of UO2 fuel assembly pdf
1/5 川畑 States of the Art in Organic semiconductors as real-time radiation detectors pdf
12/24 古野 Measurement of Muon Capture on the Proton to 1% Precision and Determination of the Pseudoscalar Coupling gP pdf
12/22 江川 Indications of 2ν2K capture in 78Kr pdf
12/8 藤岡 On a possible explanation of the DLS puzzle pdf
12/1 市川 New constraint on the Existence of the μ+→e+γ Decay pdf
11/17 乗竹 Determination of damage-free crystal structure of an X-ray-sensitive protein using an XFEL pdf
11/10 金築 Direct determination of the atomic mass difference of 187Re and 187Os pdf
10/20 山上 Muons in air showers at the Pierre Auger Observatory : Measurement of atmospheric production depth pdf
9/29 金子 First Direct Measurement of the 2H(α, γ)6Li Cross Section at Big Bang Energies and the Primordial Lithium Problem pdf
7/28 石井 Direct Observation of the Coherent Nuclear Response after the Absorption of a photon pdf
7/24 竹中 s-Chanel Production of Single Top Quarks pdf
7/14 村上 Neutron Skin of 208Pb from Coherent Pion Photoproduction pdf
6/30 富田 ANTARES experiment pdf
6/23 村田 Search for Quantum Black Hole Production pdf
6/16 橋本 The JLab 12 GeV Upgrade pdf
6/2 成木 RHIC Beam Energy Scan Exploring the QCD Phase Diagram pdf
5/26 野沢 Hidden photon search at SPring-8 pdf
5/19 永江 Searching a dark photon with HADES pdf
5/12 中塚 BICEP2 pdf
4/21 新山 Observation of the resonant character of the Z(4430)- state pdf
4/14 浅野 Precision measurement of the 6He half-life and the weak axial current in nuclei pdf


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3/31 佐田 (The last) colloquium pdf
3/3 馬場 Current status of radiation therapy -Boron Neutron Capture Therapy- pdf
2/24 野沢 CDMS-Ⅱ pdf
2/17 天野 Search for the doubly charmed baryon Ξcc+ pdf
2/10 酒向 重イオン衝突を用いた対称エネルギーの探索 pdf
1/15 橋本 Neutron electric dipole moment pdf
1/6 金築 IceCubeによる高エネルギーニュートリノの観測 pdf
12/9 市川 Study of Onset of Deconfinement and Search for the Critical point pdf
12/2 金子 Fisrt obserbation of 15Be pdf
11/25 山上 Results on Neutrinoless Double-β Decay of 76Ge from Phase I of the GERDA Experiment pdf
11/18 石井 Observation of an Airy minimum in elastic and inelastic scattering of 3He from 12C at 50.5 and 60 MeV, and α-particle condensation in 12C pdf
11/11 竹中 Measurement of the γp → K0Σ+ with Crystal Ball/TAPS detectors at Mainz Microtron pdf
10/28 村田 Resonant α scattering of 6He: Limits of clustering in 10Be pdf
10/14 成木 First measurement of proton-induced low-momentum dielectron radiation off cold nuclear matter pdf
10/7 浅野 Strangeness Enhancement in Cu+Cu and Au+Au Collisions at √s=200GeV pdf
9/30 杉村 XMASS experiment pdf
7/1 江川 Production of K+K pairs in proton-proton collisions below the φ meson threshold pdf
6/24 津村 New Method for Precise Determination of the Isovector Giant Quadrupole Resonances in Nuclei pdf
6/17 藤岡 ABC effect in double pionic fusion pdf
7/1 古野 Nuclear Pasta in Supernovae and Neutron Stars pdf
6/24 橋本 Neutron electric dipole moment pdf
6/17 川畑 Evidence for α particle condensation in nuclei from the Hoyle state deexcitation pdf
6/10 村上 The ASY-EOS experiment at GSI pdf
6/3 冨田 The transversity of quarks in nucleons pdf
5/27 永江 Near-side and away-side log-range correlation in proton-lead collisions pdf
5/20 中塚 The first result from AMS-02 experiment pdf
5/13 馬場 Lifetime Measurement of the 21+ State in 16C pptx
4/22 新山 Observation of the Spatial Distribution of Gravitationally Bound Quantum States of Ultracold Neutrons and its Derivation Using the Wigner Function pptx
4/15 水谷 No Network, No Physics pdf key


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3/11石黒 Time-of-flight discrimination between gamma-rays and neutrons by using artificial neural networks ppt
3/4江川 Evaluation of the γ n → π- p differential cross section in the Λ-isobar region pdf
2/25平岩 Momentum dependance of the φ-meson nuclear transparency pdf
2/18藤岡 Measurement of the Sigma pi photoproduction line shapes near the Lambda(1405) pdf
2/6中村 Differnce in direct charge-parity violation between charged and neutral B meson decays pdf
1/28津村 Double isobaric analog of 11Li in 11 Be pdf
1/7川畑 Experimental study of the 19O(d,p)20O reaction in inverse kinematics pptx
12/3市川 Recent status of κ meson search pptx
11/26天野 A new measurement of kaonic hydrogen X-rays pdf
11/19角谷 Ab Initio Calculation of the Hoyle State pdf
11/12古野 EXL project at FAIR pdf
11/5中塚 A two-solar-mass neutron star measured using Shapiro delay pdf
10/29森津 μ → e conversion experiment pdf
10/15酒向 Two Proton radioactivity of 19Mg pdf
9/24松田 Nucleon-Nucleon correlation in nuclei pdf
7/30金築 Observation of 7Λ He Hypernucleus by the (e,e' K+) reaction at Jefferson Lab pdf
7/23渡邊 Synthesis of elements 115 and 113 in the reaction 243Am + 48Ca pptx
7/11浅野 Hanbury Brown and Twiss(HBT) Interferometry pdf
7/2時安 Axion pdf
6/25冨田 TOTEM pdf
6/18 永江 A narrow DNN quasi-bound state pdf
6/11 水谷 CTA Project pdf
6/4 村上 Structure of Hoyle State pdf
5/28 橋本 Search for the rare decays B0s → μμ and B0d → μμ pdf
5/21 野沢 Pigmy Dipole Resonance pdf
5/14 佐田 BESS-POLAR EXP pdf
5/7 杉村 GEM TPC of the PANDA Experiment pptx
4/23 足立 First Observation of Ground State Dineutron Decay 16Be pdf
4/16 新山 Experimental Realization of Wheeler's Delayed Choice Gedanken Experiment pdf


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4/9 平岩 J/ψ production proton-nucleus collisions at 158 and 400 GeV pdf
4/2 藤岡 Strangeness Production close to the threshold in proton-nucleus and heavy-ion collisions pdf
2/6 中村 Research for Unitarity Violation on CKM Matrix a discrepancy between sin2β and BR(B± → τ±ν) pdf
1/23 足立 Evidence for a new 12C state at 13.3 MeV pdf
1/16 酒向 Gamow-Teller transitions from 56Ni pdf
12/26 橋本 New Limit on Lepton-Flavor-Violating Decay μ+ → e+ + γ pdf
12/12 渡邊 Performance of a liquid argon time projection chamber exposed to the CERN West Area Neutrino Facility neutrino beam pptx
12/5 水谷 最大エントロピー法 pptx
11/28 金築 Superluminal Neutrino pdf
11/21 江川 Photoproduction of neutral pion off proton pptx
11/14 角谷 Hindrance of the excitation of Hoyle state and the ghost of the 22+ state in 12C pdf
11/7 時安 Missing resonance search at CLAS pdf
10/31 佐田 Status of Neutrino Experiments pdf
10/3 浅野 Percolation pdf
9/5 横田 2+ excitation of the 12C Hoyle state ppt
7/25 市川 CP-violating angle phi-3 measurement at Belle pptx
7/11 森津 YN散乱実験のこれまでとこれから pdf
6/27 杉村 Observation of two charged bottomonium-like resonances at Belle pdf
6/13 川畑 The structure of 12C and stellar helium burning pdf
6/6 永江 Suppression of excited Υ states in PbPb collisions at √sNN=2.76TeV by the CMS collaboration pdf
5/30 村上 Electron Electric Dipole Moment pdf
5/23 冨田 Trapped Antihydrogen pdf
5/16 野沢 First search for double beta decay of platinum by ultra-low background HP Ge γ spectrometry pdf
5/9 唐津 CMB Polarization ppt
4/25 新山 Invariant Mass Distribution of Jet Pairs Produced in Associaton with W boson in pp-Collisions at √s=1.96TeV pdf


日程 発表者 タイトル スライド
4/18 酒向 β-Decay Half-Lives of Very Neutron-Rich Kr to Tc Isotopes on the Boundary of the r-Process Path: An Indication of Fast r-Matter Flow
4/11 藤岡 Indirect Observation of an In-Medium η' Mass Reduction in √sNN=200GeV Au+Au Collisions pdf
2/7 杉村 First measurement of elliptic flow in Pb-Pb collision at √s=2.76TeV with ALICE detector pptx
1/17 石黒 Results from a Search for Light-Mass Dark Matter with a P-type Point Contact Germanium Detector ppt
1/6 新山 Neutrom Oscillation pdf
12/13 時安 In-medium ω Photoproduction @ELSA
11/29 冨田 放出チェネリングを用いた結晶中の不純物の位置解析 pdf
11/22 野沢 MiniBooNE実験とLSND Anomaly pdf
11/1 横田 Production and decay of element 114
10/25 唐津 完全流体上の音波と曲がった時空上のスカラー場とのアナロジー pptx
10/4 常見 Finding and evaluating community structure in networks
9/27 大楽 Evidence for an Anomalous Like-Sign Dimuon Charge Asymmetry
8/2 佐田 Exotic nuclear decay and OPERA exp. ppt
7/26 川畑 Missing monopole strength of the Hoyle state in the inelastic alpha + 12C scattering ppt
7/12 平岩 Exclusive measurement of two-pion production in the dd --> He-4 π π reaction pptx
7/5 市川 A double magic tin pptx
6/21 今城 Quantum states of neutrons in the gravitational field ppt
6/14 中村 Local Strong Parity Violation Search in Heavy-ion Collision pdf
5/31 浅野 BCSとBECのクロスオーバー現象
5/17 森津 クォーク星は存在するのか?~SAX J1808.4-3658 と RX J1856.5-3754 を具体例として~ pdf
5/10 足立 Synthesis of a New Element with Atomic Number Z=117 pdf
4/26 村上 First Experiment with HELIOS: The Structure of 13B
4/19 永江 Quark-Gluon Plasma pdf


日程 発表者 タイトル スライド
4/12 時安 COMPASS実験におけるハドロン物理
3/15 藤岡 Study of γd→KKnp reaction and an alternative explanation for Θ(1540) pentaquark peak pptx
1/18 中村 Quark Angular Momentum in a Nucleon pdf
12/7 鮫島 EBerryPhase pdf
11/9 市川 Pi E Nu experiment ppt
11/2 永江 σφN in φ photoproduction pdf
10/26 庄司 Anomalous J/ψ suppression in Pb-Pb interactions at 158GeV/c per nucleon pptx
10/5 常見 Recognition Based on Fitting a 3D Morphable Model pptx
9/7 酒向 Isospin Diffusion and the Nuclear Symmetry Energy in Heavy Ion Reaction ppt
7/27 大楽 Elliptic Flow Measurements at RHIC-PHENIX ppt
7/13 唐津 Primordial Fluctuations from 5-year WMAP Observations ppt
7/6 今井 Hadron and/in Nuclei photo hadron production ppt
6/29 足立 Gerasimov-Drell-Hearn Sum rule and its verification ppt
6/15 Marcello Strangeness Physics in proton-proton collisions with the TOF Spectrometer at COSY pdf
6/8 平岩 Search for charmed pentaquarks in high energy anti-neutrino interactions pptx
6/1 浅野 LPM effect pdf
5/25 杉村 ABC effect ppt
5/18 森津 Evidence for Reactor Anti-neutrino Disappearance and Neutrino Oscillationin in KamLAND Experiment pdf
5/11 村上 First Direct Measurement of the 17F(p,γ)18Ne Cross Section pptx
4/13 藤岡 Antineutoron Physics pdf
4/6 庄司 ネットワークの基礎知識 pdf


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