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Wine and Cheese

NH Wine & Cheese Seminar

This is a NH lab.'s Wine and Cheese Seminar page.

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Date Presenter Title Slide
2016/12/8 Kaneko, Masanori Exploration for nuclear symmetry energy through heavy-ion collision experiment with SπRIT devices at RIKEN-RIBF pdf
2016/09/30 Tsumura, Miho Exploration for rare γ decay mode in 12C nuclei pdf
2016/7/6 Ekawa, Hiroyuki Search for double hypernuclei with hybrid emulsion method pdf
2016/2/24 FURUNO, Tatsuya Study of cluster structure of nuclei using MAIKo active target pdf
2015/12/24 KANATSUKI, Shunsuke Spectroscopic study of Ξ Hypernucleus at J-PARC pdf
2015/9/29 MIZUTANI, Keigo φ photoproduction at LEPS pdf
2015/7/28 HASHIMOTO, Toshikazu Research for excited state of baryons in BGOegg experiment pdf
2015/5/12 NAKATSUKA, Noritsugu Studying GDR via in-beam γ pdf
2015/2/17 NOZAWA, Yuki Search for pentaquarks at LEPS pdf
2014/10/23 GOGAMI, Toshiyuki Spectroscopic research of Λ hypernuclei with the (e,e'K+) reaction pdf
2014/7/18 ICHIKAWA, Yudai K-pp bounded state and current status of E27 experiment at J-PARC pdf
2013/12/20 NARUKI, Megumi phi experiment - KEK-PS E325 pptx
2013/10/16 SADA, Yuta J-PARC K1.8BR until now and Current status of E15 experiment pdf
2013/6/19 SUGIMURA, Hitoshi Search for the neutron-rich hypernuclei at J-PARC pdf
2013/3/19 ASANO, Hidemitsu QGP Physics at RHIC pdf
2012/12/13 MATSUDA, Yohei Elastic scattering of protons with RI beams pdf
2012/10/23 ICHIKAWA, Yudai Search for K-pp at J-PARC pptx
2012/7/5 NAKAMURA, Katsuro Spin physics at experiments with proton collider pptx
2012/4/12 HIRAIWA, Toshihiko φ photoproduction from nuclei pdf
2011/12/22 MORITSU, Manabu Ξ Hypernuclear Spectroscopy at J-PARC pdf
2011/10/27 NIIYAMA, Masayuki Hadron Physics at LEPS/LEPS-II pdf
2011/08/09 SAKO, Masami Nuclear symmetry energy and charged pion ratio from heavy ion collision ppt

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