SPIN06 1st Circular
KYOTO, JAPAN, October 2 - 7, 2006


Dear Colleague,

We are very pleased to invite you to the 17th International Spin Physics Symposium (SPIN06) that will be held on October 2-7, 2006, in Kyoto, Japan. The scientific program of this Symposium includes the topics related to spin phenomena in particle and nuclear physics as well as those in related fields. The International Spin Physics Symposium series combined together the High Energy Spin Symposia and the Nuclear Polarization Conferences since 2000.  The previous two Symposia were held at BNL, USA (September 2002) and at Trieste, Italy (October 2004), respectively.

I. Scientific Program

The Scientific Program consists of plenary sessions and parallel sessions and a poster session. It is anticipated that the Scientific Program will include the following topics:

1. Fundamental Symmetries and Spin
2. Spin Structure of Nucleons
3. Spin Beyond the Standard Model
4. Spin in Hadronic Reactions
5. Spin Physics with Photons and Leptons
6. Spin Physics in Nuclei
7. Spin Physics with RI Beams
8. Acceleration, Storage, and Polarimetry of Polarized Beams
9. Polarized Ion and Electron Sources and Targets.
10. Future Facilities and Experiments

Suggestions for topics and presentations at the Symposium should be directed to the Local Organizing Committee, c/o Kenichi Imai (spin06@nh.scphys.kyoto-u.ac.jp).

II. Venue and Organization

The place for the Symposium will be the Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall. Plenary sessions and parallel sessions will be held at the same place. The Symposium will also include a poster session, receptions, a banquet, and computer facilities.

The Chairperson for the Symposium is Kenichi Imai of Kyoto University. The International Spin Physics Committee and the Local Organizing Committee are listed below.

The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics is sponsoring SPIN06 at Kyoto in 2006. To secure IUPAP sponsorship, the organizers have provided assurance that SPIN06 will be conducted in accordance with IUPAP principles as stated in the ICSU-Document "Universality of Science" (sixth edition, 1989) regarding the free circulation of scientists for international purposes. In particular, no bona fide scientist will be excluded from participation on the grounds of national origin, nationality, or political considerations unrelated to science.

The program structure of the conference will be shown at the Symposium web site:http://www-nh.scphys.kyoto-u.ac.jp/SPIN2006

III. Registration, Abstracts and Accommodations

The registration fee for the Symposium will be 35,000 JYen [$300] (15,000 JYen for students), until August 15, and will cover coffee breaks, computing access, the conference banquet, and the conference proceedings. It will not include accommodations and excursions related to the social program. The late registration fee will be 40,000 JYen.

Presentations in the parallel sessions will be selected from abstracts for contributed talks submitted by the conference participants. The deadline for receiving these abstracts will be June 30, 2006.

Blocks of rooms have been reserved for conference participants at several hotels in Kyoto city at reduced conference rates. These blocks of hotel rooms will be held until August 31, 2006.
A companion's program and conference excursions will be organized and will appear on the Symposium web site. The registration process will give participants an opportunity to request one of the hotels, to order excursion tickets, and to indicate an interest in the companion's program as will be described in detail in the 2nd Circular and on the Symposium web site.

IV. Pre-Registration

If you intend to attend the SPIN06 or require the 2nd circular, please send e-mail with the following information to the address below.

□ I need the 2nd circular for the SPIN06. [ Yes , No ]
□ I plan to attend the SPIN06. [ Yes , No ]
□ I plan to submit a paper to the SPIN06. [ Yes , No ]

Full name :
Affiliation :
e-mail address :


V. Travel and Visas

Kyoto is an old capital of Japan and has many historical heritages and well preserved Japanese culture. It has 20% of Japan's National Treasures. One can expect mild climate in early October.
The access to Kyoto and Kyoto University can be seen in the following web site; http://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/english/etop2/e07-top.htm
We strongly recommend that international conference participants applying for Japan visas should start the process well in advance. We will attempt to monitor this process and suggest that individuals who are encountering difficulties should contact the organizer. ( spin06@nh.scphys.kyoto-u.ac.jp )

Participation by students, young physicists, and physicists from developing countries will be strongly encouraged at this Symposium. Details on an evolving program to provide some travel support and help with the registration fee for these individuals will be described in the 2nd circular.

VI. Banquet and Social Program

The program of the Symposium will reserve Wednesday afternoon, October 4, for excursions and personal time. The conference banquet will be held in the evening of Thursday, October 5. Details regarding the social programs and scheduling will be provided in the 2nd circular which will be distributed in March 2006.

VII. Communications

Individuals interested in attending the Symposium can obtain additional information at the Symposium web site; http://www-nh.scphys.kyoto-u.ac.jp/SPIN2006. Special inquiries should be directed by e-mail to spin06@nh.scphys.kyoto-u.ac.jp or by contacting Chika Horiuchi (phone: 81-75-753-3835, fax: 753-3887).

VIII. Important Dates and Deadlines

2nd Circular; March 2006
Start of Conference Registration; April 2006
Applications for Visas; April 2006
Deadline for Contributed Abstracts; June 31, 2006
Registration (low rate) before August 15, 2006
Hotel Registration (conference rates) before August 31, 2006

Mark your calendars for SPIN06 on October 2-7, 2006. Currently there are many new results and questions that are developing in the wide range of spin physics research. The SPIN06 with its broad physics scope and diverse participants should provide an excellent opportunity to explore these issues in Kyoto next fall. We look forward to discussing these new results and ideas with you there.

With best regards,

Kenichi Imai
Department of Physics, Kyoto University
Kyoto 606-8502, Japan
Tel : 81-75-753-3835 , Fax : 81-75-753-3887

Local Organizing Committee:

K. Imai (Kyoto)(Chair) , Ahn Jung Keun (Pusan)
K. Asahi (Tokyo Tech), Cheng Hai-Yang (ASIP)
H. En’yo (RIKEN) , K. Hagiwara (KEK)
T. Hasegawa (Miyazaki), K. Hatanaka (RCNP)
T. Hatsuda (Tokyo), N. Horikawa (Chubu)
T. Iwata (Yamagata) , T. Kishimoto (Osaka)
J. Kodaira (Hiroshima) , Y. Koike (Niigata)
T. Kugo (Kyoto) , S. Kumano (KEK)
T. Kunihiro (Kyoto) , Y. Kuno (Osaka)
Y. Mori (KEK) , T. Nakanishi (Nagoya)
T. Nakano (RCNP) , M. Nojiri (Kyoto)
T. Noro (Kyushu) , M. Oka (Tokyo Tech) ,
N. Saito (Kyoto)(Scientific-Secretary)
H. Sakaguchi (Kyoto), H. Sakai (Tokyo)
H. Sato (KEK) , T.-A. Shibata (Tokyo Tech)
H. Shimizu (Tohoku), Y. Takahashi (Kyoto)
H. Toki (RCNP), K. Tokushuku (KEK)
T. Uematsu (Kyoto), K. Yazaki (TWCU)
Ye Yanlin (Peking)

International Spin Physics Committee:

T. Roser (BNL)(Chair), A. D. Krisch (Michigan)(Past-Chair)
K. Imai (Kyoto)(Chair-Elect), F. Bradamante (Trieste)
O. Chamberlain* (Berkeley) , E. D. Courant* (BNL)
D. G. Crabb (Virginia) , A. V. Efremov (JINR)
G. Fedecaro* (CERN) , W. Haeberli* (Wisconsin)
K. Hatanaka (RCNP) , G. Mallot (CERN)
R. G. Milner (MIT) , Y. Mori (KEK)
C. Y. Prescott (SLAC) , F. Rathman (COSY)
Y.M. Shatunov (Novosibirsk) , V. Soergel* (Heidelberg)
E. Steffens (Erlangen) , E. J. Stephenson (Indiana)
N. E. Tyurin (IHEP) , W. T. H. van Oers* (Manitoba)
*Honorary Members